Sounding the Horn: Philadelphia’s Shifting Political Landscape

By The Emerging Leaders of PEC (other events)

Wednesday, April 8 2015 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

Join the Emerging Leaders of People's Emergency Center (ELPEC) for a panel discussion with in-the-know experts concerning the upcoming Philadelphia mayoral and city council elections. The dialogue will cover the possible changes the election will bring to Philadelphia’s political landscape, and what those changes will mean for the issues most relevant to the city’s citizens. Get ready for an evening of unfiltered opinions and observations from our panel based on their experiences living, working, analyzing and producing in the city of Philadelphia.

Moderator: Stephanie Renee, Program Director and Host of 900AM WURD


  • Jon Geeting, PlanPhilly's engagement editor, covering politics, development, and policy issues. Prior to working at PlanPhilly, Geeting wrote for Next City, This Old City, Philadelphia Magazine and City Paper

  • Loree Jones, Chief of Staff at Rutgers University. Jones is the former chief of staff for the SRC, the former managing director under Mayor John Street, and the former ED for City Year Philadelphia.

  • Chris Krewson, Editor of, Krewson is the former online executive editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Juliana Reyes, lead reporter for Philly and former columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News' "It's Our Money" series

Topics covered will include:

  • Issues such as the economy, education, safety, and quality of life that the candidates have been focusing on.

  • What successes has the current administration achieved and what needs to be done to continue positive progress moving forward?

  • How does Philadelphia become the global leader and international city it wants and needs to be?

  • How do these topics impact Philadelphia residents that may lack resources and training?

  • How can candidates connect with the millennial generation and entice them to become lifelong Philadelphians?

The Emerging Leaders of PEC